Some customer may prefer to make payments using their bank accounts (ACH) instead of a credit card. We offer an easy way for customers to securely link any bank account to make payments, without having to enter in any routing or bank account #'s, or needing to wait to verify micro deposit amounts. They simply select their bank, log in to their account, and select an account. This account is then available for your customers to use for any current and future payments. Here's how to enable this.

How to enable ACH as an Accepted Payment Type

  1. Log in to your Team Sports Admin account as an administrator.

  2. Click on "My Account".

  3. In the left hand menu, under Banking / Billing Details, click on "Accepted Payment Types".

  4. You will see a section for ACH. Enable ACH payments by clicking the toggle, which will be green when enabled.
    1. Note your current pricing will be displayed here. You will see separate amounts for your % and per transaction fees for regular and recurring payments. There will also be a "Capped" amount, which is the maximum total amount you will be charged per transaction.

How to enable ACH for specific Events

After enabling ACH as an accepted payment type, you can then enable this for any event type you choose.

  1. Create a new event, or click on any existing event to edit it.

  2. Scroll down to the Add Payment Options section.

  3. Make sure "Paid" is selected

  4. Scroll down to "More Paid Payment Settings"

  5. Select the check box "I want to enable ACH as a payment method"

  6. Scroll down to the bottom, and click the button to Create or Update your event.

How to enable ACH for manually added payments (Pay Now and Invoices)

If you are manually adding a payment on behalf of participant you have two options, either creating and paying the payment right away (Pay Now) or by creating an invoice.

Pay Now cannot be paid via ACH as you are not allowed to create a new ACH Bank Account payment method on behalf of the customer. This is because in accordance with NACHA Rules, all ACH payments must be authorized by the customer. 

If you want your participant to pay via ACH please invoice the customer instead, by following the instructions for How do I create an invoice for a participant or team?