*You must have "Organization Admin" or "Admin" user access to refund a payment

Step 1: Locate the Payment

Every payment made for an event registration or invoice can be found by clicking on PAYMENTS from the main menu. In addition, you can also find a user's payment in their individual player account by clicking on PLAYERS in the menu.

Check out this article for more information : How do I locate a user's online payment?

Step 2: Click the Refund Icon

Once you have located the payment you wish to refund, click the “Refund” icon located under the Actions column.

Step 3: Choose your Refund Amount and Refund Payment Type

A pop-up box will open where you can choose your refund amount and payment method:

By default the maximum amount available to refund will be shown in the refund box. This is a “full” refund, which will refund the entire amount the user paid to their original form of payment.

If you choose to refund less than the full amount, this is a “partial” refund. You can refund partial amounts back to the user as many times as needed until the total amount paid is reached for this payment.

☐ Refund this payment offline

  • Sometimes you need to choose a different payment method to return funds to your customers. If so, select the "Refund this payment offline" option and then select a new offline payment method. Note: This option is available to keep your records up to date. You are responsible for returning these funds offline.

  • Please note, ACH Payments can only be refunded offline at this time.

Step 4: Add a Note (Optional)

Adding text to the Note section will display a note beneath the individual line item in the Payments report, only visible to you and any other Admin users. It will not be sent to the user or seen in their portal.

Step 5: Send Email Receipt (Optional)

Check this box to send a receipt to your user with details of this refund.

Step 6: Submit the Refund

Click the Refund button to process the refund.


How refunds are processed

Refunds take approximately 5-10 business days to credit back to the user's original method of payment.

The customer will be refunded the full amount you have entered, and you will be credited up to 100% of any transaction fees and 50% of your Teams Sports Admin fee for a full refund.

Partial refunds will only be credited the prorated % of any transaction fees, and no credit is given for the Team Sports Admin fee.

Offline Refunds will not receive any credit for any fees. You are responsible for returning these funds to the customer.