To add a payment to a participant's account that is not tied to an event, and if you have received authorization to charge their card on file, follow these steps below:

  1. Log into your Team Sports Admin account. 
  2. Click PAYMENTS in the main menu. 
  3. In the upper-right hand corner of the screen, click Add Payment
  4. Click the radio button next to I want to add a payment to an existing account.
  5. Type in the name of the participant, from the "In" dropdown select Players Account, and then click Search.
  6. When the name appears, click the radio button next that player. 
  7. In the "Do you want to Pay Now or Create an Invoice?" section, select Pay Now.
  8. Under Payment Type, select Online to add a credit card payment, or Offline to add an offline payment type.
  9. Any saved Billing Addresses and Payment Methods will be shown.
  10. Select the Payment Method you have permission to charge for this participant.
  11. Under Payment Options, enter in the amount to charge this participant, as either a one-time payment or specify a payment plan to create a recurring payment series.
  12. As you add in payment details you will see the Payment Summary on the right hand side appear so you can confirm today's payment and any future payments.
  13. Enter in a Description of Charge. This is what the participant will see on their receipt and credit card statement.
  14. If you have any Custom Charges enabled, confirm any custom charges you want added for this payment. If you don't want a custom charge, you can remove it by pressing the red "X" under the actions menu.
  15. If you have set up sales tax and would like to charge it for this payment, select "I want to collect sales tax for this payment."
    1. Note: Sales tax is charged based on the Billing Address State or Country selected for the payment method used, and if it matches any sales tax you have set up under My Account --> Payment Settings --> Sales Tax.
  16. When you've confirmed everything is ready, confirm you have received permission from this participant by selecting the checkbox for "I acknowledge I received permission from [Participant's Name]..". 
  17. Click Add Payment. Please note: This will charge the participant immediately. 

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If you'd record an offline payment, please see this article: As an Organization Admin, how do I create an offline payment for a participant?

If you'd like to invoice the participant to allow for them to log in and pay at a later time, please see this article: As an Organization Admin, how do I create an invoice for a participant or team?