Did you know you can link to specific event types on your events page that lists all your upcoming events? 

This can be helpful when you'd like to show a specific type of event to your customer such as all your camps. All you have to do is add the following to the end of your URL: ?tab=[event type] 

Here are the links for each event type. Make sure to change [YourOrganization] with your link and test throughly before posting it on your website or sending it to a customer. 

  • Seasons: [YourOrganization].teamsportsadmin.com/events?tab=seasons
  • Camps: [YourOrganization].teamsportsadmin.com/events?tab=camps
  • Other Events: [YourOrganization].teamsportsadmin.com/events?tab=other
  • Tournaments: [YourOrganization].teamsportsadmin.com/events?tab=tournaments

Please note: These are case sensitive, so be sure to type them in as you see above.