Would you like to create a customer payment plan plan for an individual participant that is not part of the payment plans offered for an event? If so, you can do so from their incomplete registration by following these steps:

  1. Locate the participant's incomplete registration in their player account by selecting PLAYERS from the main menu.       
    • Please note: The participant will need to register to the payments page of the event in order to create a custom payment plan.
  2. Locate the participant you wish to change the payment options for.
  3. Select View Incomplete Registrations from the Quick Links on the left side of the screen. 
  4. Once you locate the incomplete registration, click the money icon under Outstanding Items.
  5. Scroll down to Payment Options and select Add new payment option.
  6. Here you can choose a custom one-time payment amount or create a new payment plan. 
  7. Once you have updated the changes, click Submit.

Please note: One-time or down payments will be processed upon clicking submit. If you'd like to create a custom invoice instead, please check out this article: How do I create an invoice for a participant or team?