Most organizations host tryouts as a season and then create teams to compete in a league or various tournaments. Once you've created your teams, you can manage your team payments as well as all your team communication via email and calendar features. You even have the capability to add a coaches, assistant coaches, or team managers which can be add to a team (or multiple teams) where they will have a unique log-in to view player details and communicate with the team(s) they are assigned to. Before creating your teams there are two requirements:

  1. All of your players must sign up for the Season you want to add the teams for. These will be the players you assign to a team.
  2. Add all of your coaches, assistant coaches and managers that will be assigned to teams. To learn how to add your coaches, please check out this article As an Organization Admin, how do I add a coach, assistant coach and/or a manager?

Once those two requirements above have been met, it’s time to create your teams.

  1. Log into your Team Sports Admin account. 
  2. Scroll over EVENTS in the main menu and click SEASONS.
  3. Click Teams under the Manage section.
  4. Click the blue button titled Add Team. This page is where you will create one of your teams. Here you will be naming your team, assigning it to a Season, adding your coaches, assistant coaches and managers, adding a team fee (if applicable) and adding players to the team. Fill out this entire page and then click the blue button at the bottom Add New Team.

And just like that, your team is created. To add another team, just start at number 3 above. 

Please note: When you add players to a team, the system automatically sends each player and guardian on the account an email congratulating them on making the team. If there is a payment associated with the team, a note is added to that email which asks them to log in to complete the payment. Until the payment is completed, they will show up in the "Incomplete Team Payments" report.