We know how important it is to communicate your schedule to your organization. By using our calendar, you can now easily communicate the schedule so parents/guardians will never be able to use the “I didn’t know” excuse, because all they had to do was log in to their account and check their calendar to get the latest information. 

Let's start by defining events and activities.

Events: Events participants register for. (e.g. seasons (tryouts/teams), camps, clinics, tournaments, etc.)

Activities: Activities assigned to events. (e.g. practices, games, team dinners, etc.)

Now that we understand the difference between events and activities, let's talk about the different calendar views. 

Organization Administrator Calendar

This is your calendar when you log in to your account as the organization administrator. This calendar shows all events and calendar activities added by anyone. We’ve also added the ability to filter so it’s easy for you to find what you’re looking for.

On the left-hand side of the page under “Calendar”, you will see “Calendar View” and “Agenda View”. “Calendar View” is the default view and shows a calendar with all the events and activities. “Agenda View” is a list of all events and activities.

On the “Calendar View”, events are listed in green with the event name, while activities are in light blue with the title “Today’s Activities”. These are clickable to view more information.

Players/Guardian Calendar

Every player/guardian has their own calendar when they log in to their personal account. Just like the administrator, they have the “Calendar View” and “Agenda View”.

They also have two filters for the calendar: “My Calendar” and “All Activity.” “My Calendar” shows all the activities related to the events they have successfully registered for. “All Activity” shows all events for your organization, regardless of their registration status.

You will also see we have added a dropdown menu. This way, parents/guardians can drill down through specific events to see those dates and times specifically.

Coach’s Calendar

The coach’s calendar is much like the players. However, "My Calendar" for coaches only shows the Season and Team activities they are assigned to.

Tournament Director Calendar

The tournament director calendar is the calendar for the organizations who sign up for your tournaments. Their calendar has one view for all tournaments. They can use the filter to drill down through specific tournaments.

Now let’s move on to the features of the calendar and how you can best use them for your organization. 

Calendar Features 

1. Every time you add a calendar activity, you have the ability to share the activity with specific event participants. This way, the activity will show up on the "My Calendar" view of those who register for those specific events. Here’s how:

  • Log in to your account
  • In the dashboard, click the blue button that says, “Add Calendar Activity”. 
  • On the next screen where you add the calendar activity, everything is self-explanatory. It’s simple radio buttons and checkboxes for all the options.

2. As the organization administrator, if you share an event with a specific team, you have the ability to allow coaches and managers to edit these events later. If you add an activity and share it with a specific team, you will see a checkbox appear that says, "I want the coach(es) and manager(s) of this team to be able to edit this activity."

If checked, this will allow a coach or manager to edit this activity, otherwise only you can make changes to it. 

3. Each coach has the ability to add and share activities through their coaches login, but only for the team(s) they are assigned to. 

4. You can see who created any event by looking in the upper right-hand corner on the “Edit Calendar Activity”. 

5. If an event is deleted, an organization administrator or coach has the option to notify everyone who that event is shared with by email. If a coach deletes an event the organization administrator assigned to them, the organization administrator will be notified via email with all the details of the event that was deleted. 

6. To keep everyone in the organization updated with what’s going on, the following notifications are displayed on the organization administrator, coaches, tournament directors and player/guardians dashboards when an event or activity is added or updated:

  • When a new event is created: "The following was added on your calendar since your last login." 
  • When an event/activity has been updated: "The following has changed on your calendar since your last login." 
  • In addition, for every activity you add to or edit in the calendar, there is a “Send Notification Email” option. When checked, the system will automatically email participants registered for the selected event, and give them a link to log in for the details. 

7. It’s possible to update only one specific event that’s part of a recurring series you have set up. For example, if you have practices set up on Mondays and Wednesdays, but need to change or cancel the details for just one practice, you can do so. Simply go to the “Calendar View” and click on “Today’s Activities” under the specific day you want to edit. You will then see two options under the activity you want to edit: “Edit Recurring Activity” and “Edit Single Day”. Clicking “Edit Single Day” will allow you to edit that specific day. Clicking “Edit Recurring Activity” allows you to edit the entire recurring activity.

As always, if you need assistance or want more specifics, please send us an email to support@teamsportsadmin.com or give us a call at (206) 539-1049.