1. Log in to your Team Sports Admin account.
  2. Click EMAIL in the main menu. 
  3. Under Reports on the left-hand side click Email Reporting. Here you can view all the emails you’ve sent in the past.

You will see we have provided an example report with the subject “Email Reporting Example” to help get you started.

When you send an email you now have the ability to view the status of the email sent. Here are the different email statuses:

  • Scheduled – An email has been scheduled and will go out automatically at the scheduled time.

  • In Progress – As soon as a scheduled email starts sending, the status will change to “In Progress”. Also, any emails that are “Scheduled” or “In Progress” can now be cancelled if you want to go back and make changes.

  • Sent – The email has been delivered to your entire list, and you can now view the reports for more details.

When you click through to view the statistics of each email sent, we start by giving you an overall breakdown of how your email performed. Here you can quickly see how many people opened, clicked, haven’t opened, or had the email bounce for each email.

Under the overall breakdown we provide tabs for more details:

  • All Emails: A list of every email and the status (Opened, Clicked, Unopened, Bounced or Skipped) in real-time.

  • Opened: A list of who has opened the email and how many times.

  • Clicked: A list of who has clicked on a link in the email and how many times.

  • Unopened: A list of who hasn’t opened the email yet. You can quickly resend an email to every recipient who hasn’t opened it with a single click of a button.

  • Bounced: Which email addresses bounced. Bounced email addresses are email addresses that could not be delivered, usually caused by an invalid email addresses, their mailbox being full, their mailbox no longer exists, etc. If you notice an email has bounced because a person didn’t put in their email address correctly (e.g. they forgot a letter, as in johnsmith@hotmail.co), you can easily update their address for them and click resend. No need to retype the entire email you want to send out, just one click and you’re set.

  • Skipped: Which email addresses were skipped. Skipped email addresses are removed from the group before the email is sent, usually because that person has unsubscribed from your list. If you’ve ever heard the line “I never received your email” these reports will come in handy, as know you’ll know for sure.

We have also provided you with 3 other reports to make your life easier. To view these reports log in to your account and click “EMAIL” in the main menu. Then under “Reports” on the left hand side click “Bounced Emails”, “Unsubscribed Emails”, or “Prospects”.

  • Bounced Emails: This is a list of every email that has bounced that you’ve sent. (To learn what a bounced email is, please refer to the Bounced tab description above) Here you can quickly fix any of the email addresses that bounced and resend the email with a single click of a button. Once the email is resent, the bounced address will no longer show up in this report.

  • Unsubscribed Emails: Here you can view everyone who has unsubscribed from your emails. We even added simple instructions for your user to resubscribe, so you can maintain the most up-to-date list for your organization.

  • Prospects: The Prospects report is a list of users who have signed up using the “Receive Email Updates” section located in the footer for logged out users or been manually imported.

Please note: The reports for emails are saved for 13 months. After 13 months the reports will be deleted.